Form from the chaos... (the_changeling) wrote in poetry_readers,
Form from the chaos...

Passive Aggressive

Being passive aggressive
I was clearly confused
yet felt dangerously safe

Found missing
I led a genuine imitation
of life as a conservative liberal

I became a paid volunteer
during a working holiday
and was randomly organized

This was all a tragic comedy
as office work is my least favorite
choice of service

My temporary employ had come to the attention
of the media during rush hour
when original copies of tight slacks
worn by Marilyn Monroe
that I was carrying across the street 
were dropped and run over by
a sweet tart, drunk at the wheel!

I was alone together
with a guest host
before being taped live
to tell my tale of sweet sorrow
which really was the same difference
because I really didn’t give a hoot about it at all!

Words: K.Botka
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