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Rare Things by Michael Van Gorder

Rare Things

In nature, straight lines and perfect circles.
Moments alone with my girlfriend.
Inexpensive and high-quality versions of new technologies.
A father-in-law that accepts a son-in-law as worthy;
even rarer is the son-in-law who gets along with a father-in-law.
However much they may be pleasant with one another
there is always the burning need not to share the same room.

A telephone within my immediate utility that works well.
A friend who is loyal enough to tell on what their worst qualities are.
Praise for the things one really feels are praiseworthy.
Artistic geniuses.
Papers free of typo,s.

Inexpensive and high-quality versions of anything.
Commercial breaks without car advertisements.
Satisfying naps.
Postcards written to someone.
Mornings when every traffic light is red. I am thankful these are rare.
A piece of art one never tires of.
Assignments one enjoys and is unafraid to have fun doing.
Someone satisfied with their employer and employment.

Smiles from strangers.
Good deeds without expectation of reward.

A politician who is selfless, who cares solely about the people and not about their personal station, who is unwilling to sacrifice their personal values in favor of their personal gain, who is sincere when saying anything at all, who is all of the above and gets elected.

Mornings when one feels grateful to have woken up.
Board games with one's whole family.
Substantial nuclear threats.

--Michael Van Gorder, from The Pillow Book
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