meredith cait (mabith) wrote in poetry_readers,
meredith cait

Hunger and Cold

Hunger long gone holds little heroic
to the hungering.

You don't eat and you get so you don't
care to eat nor ever remember eating--
and hearing of people who eat or don't
eat is all the same to you when you've
learned to keep your mind off eating
and eaters.

You become with enough hunger
the same as a tree with sap long gone
or a dry leaf ready to fall.

Cold is cold and too cold is too cold.

The colder you get the more numb you get
and when you get numb enough you begin
to feel snug and cozy with warmth.

When the final numb glow of comfort goes
through you, then comes your slow smooth
slide into being frozen stiff and stark.

The comes your easy entry at the tall
gates beyond which you are proof against
ice or fire
or tongues of malice
or itch of ambition
or any phase of the peculiar torment known
as unrequited love.

--Carl Sandburg
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