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Also available in moderate, spicy and insane

Interesting take on "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

Not intended to offend if it's not your religious outlook, although I will point out that this piece doesn't necessarily address a deity. I just thought that it was rather unusual religious imagery that rises to the level of contemporary poetry.

Vivian Towse Pomeroy

Forgive us that
often we forgive ourselves so easily
and others so hardly;

Forgive us that we expect perfection
from those to whom we show none;

Forgive us for repelling people
by the way we set a good example;

Forgive us the folly
of trying to improve a friend;

Forbid that we should use
our little idea of goodness as a spear
to wound those who are are different;

Forbid that we should feel superior to others
when we are only more shielded;

And may we encourage the secret struggle of every person.

From New Prayers in Old Places, 1961. Out-of-print?

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